C1 atomic structure revision

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  • Atoms
    • Atomic structure
      • Structure of the atom
        • The nucleus at the centre contains two subatomic particles called protons + neutrons
        • Electrons are tiny negatively charged particles that move around the nucleus.
        • All atoms of the element have the same number of protons. This number is the atomic number.
        • The mass number is the total number of particles in the nucleus of an atom.
      • Electronic structure
        • Electrons are arranged around the nucleus in shells and each shell represents a different energy level.
        • The first and lowest energy level can hold up to two electrons. The second level ca hold up to eight electrons.
        • The electronic structure shows the number of electrons in each level, you start by recording the lowest energy level.
        • Elements in the same group of the periodic table have the same of electrons in their highest energy level.
    • There are about 100 different elements and the periodic table lists them all.
    • The elements are arranged in columns called groups and the groups usually have similar properties.
    • Atoms have a tiny nucleus surrounded by electrons.


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