c1- Air Quality

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  • C1- Air Quality
    • Atmosphere
      • TODAY
        • nitogen-78   oxygen-21   argon-1
        • POLLUTION
          • Direct (disease/death- carbon monoxide)
          • Indirect- environment
          • CARBON
            • DIOXIDE
              • Stays in atmosphere til removed
                • can be removed naturally- photosynthesis
                • greenhouse- sea level rise
            • MONOXIDE
              • Product of incomplete combustion..low oxygen levels
                • poisonous- reduces oxygen levels blood can carry
            • PARTICULATE
              • Soot
          • SULPHUR
            • Sulphur dioxide.. so2... acid rain
              • reacts with moisture in clouds... kills plants/animals. ruins limestone based builings
          • NITOGEN
            • Reacts with oxygen in air (nitrogen oxides).. car engines
              • MONOXIDE- nitrogen+oxygen in air at very high temperatures.
                • DIOXIDE- continues to react with oxygen...
                • acid rain
                  • DIOXIDE- continues to react with oxygen...
    • Chemical reactions
      • substances= tiny particles (atoms)
        • joined atoms= molecules
    • Fossil fuels
    • Reducing Pollution
        • Sulphur dioxide removed from flue gases
          • reacting with alkali-WET SCRUBBING
            • Seawater- sulphur dioxide dissolves
              • produces co2, water, dissolved sulphate
            • alkaline slurry- sprayed onto gases, reacts= solid waste
              • calcium oxide...= calcium sulphide (waste)
      • CARS
        • catalytic converters
          • converts nirogen monoxide into oxygen and nitrogen
            • carbon monoxide..... adds more oxygen= co2 (oxidation)
        • legal MOT limit on pollution emissions
        • BIOFUEL- renewable (carbon neutral)
          • habitats?!?
        • ELECTRIC BATTERIES- no exhaust gases... STILL need electricity....
      • oil, fuel, diesel
        • COAL IS DIFFERENT (mainly JUST carbon)... mainly co2 when burned


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