financial documents

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  • Business Documents
    • Flow
      • Purchase order form
        • Delivery note
          • Goods received note
            • Invoice
              • Credit note
                • Statement of account
                  • Remittance advice slip
                    • Payment method
                      • Receipt
    • Purchase order form - a form used to order goods, it's sent to the supplier
    • Delivery note - details of the items and quantity, needs a signature to confirm it's received correctly
    • Goods received note - completed when delivery received, confirms correct items and good condition.
    • Invoice - lists items that have been delivered and their price, also includes total cost which has to be paid by the customer
    • Credit note - opposite to an invoice, shows how much the customer is owed if they're overcharged.
    • Statement of account - summary of the debits and credits received on a customers account. Credit - money paid, Debit - money owed.
    • Remittance Advice - Used when customer is sending a payment for the account. Comes with a statement of account.
    • Payment method - how the customers wants to pay, credit transfer, cheque, cash
    • Receipt - proof of purchase and payment.


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