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  • Burglary
    • Entry
      • It took 3 cases to refine the definition for this.
        • Brown
          • Must be effective
        • Collins
          • Must be effective
        • Ryan
      • Building or part thereof
        • Definition given in S9(4) as an "inhabited place"
        • Must have some degree of permanence
          • B and S v Leafy
            • Was a building
          • Seekings and Goulds
            • Was not a building
        • Can have permission to be in one part of a building but not in another
          • Walkington
      • As a Tresspasser
        • Must have the intention or be reckless as to tresspassing
          • R v Collins
        • It is possible to go beyond permission
          • Smith and Jones
      • Mens Rea
        • S9(1)(a)
          • Must have the intent to commit one of three ulterior offences at the time of entry
        • S9(1)(b)
          • Must have the mens rea for theft or GBH when committing or attempting to commit the AR of one of these offences


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