Bowlby's evolutionary theory of attachment

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  • Bowlby's theory of attachment
    • Attachment is innate (evolutionary) that gives a survival advantage
    • Monotropic = you make one main attachment and all other attachments form in a hierarchy
      • AO3 = Schaffer and Emerson found that many formed multiple attachments at the same time as single attachments
    • Law of continuity = the more constant a child's care, the better the quality of attachment
    • Law of accumulated separation = the effects of each separation add up
      • AO3 = this blames mothers for anything that goes wrong and forces them to change their lifestyles
    • Social releasers = innate 'cute'  behaviours (smiling, cooing) that encourage caregiving
      • A03 = a study where attachment figures were told to ignore child's social releasers. They showed distress, curling up and lying motionless
    • There is a critical period of 2 years where attachments must be made
    • The first attachment forms an internal working model that acts as a template for future relationships
      • AO3 = Bailey et al. Studied 99 mothers where those with poor attachments to their own mothers were more likely to have poor attachments with own child
      • AO3 = temperament may explain later social behaviour, not the quality of attachment


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