Bowlby's Evolutionary Theory

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    • Adaptive
      • Born with innate drive
      • Evolved
      • Useful
    • Social releasers
      • Crying and smiling
      • Causes interaction
    • Critical period
      • Biological process
      • 3 year period to form attachments
      • More sensitive period
    • Monotropy
      • PCG is 1 parent
      • PCG attachment was different and more important than others
      • PCG called mother
    • Internal working model
      • Model for what relationships are like
      • Positive relationship with parents = positive relationship in future
      • Poor relationship with parents = poor relationship in future
      • Affects later ability of parents them sleves
    • Continuity hypothesis
      • A warm continuous relationship with the mother or permanant mother substitute is essential for healthy attachment to occur, as it gives individuals a 'working model' about how relationships function
    • A03
      • Mixed evidence for monotrophy
        • Unclear whether something unique about the first attachment
      • Support for social relasers
        • Brazleton et al. 1975
          • Observed mother and babies
            • Observation to exeperiment
          • Instructed to ignore babies signals (social releasers)
            • Babies showed distress, curling up lying motionless
        • Children respond so strongly
      • Animals have a critical period
        • Lorenz
          • Goose has a critical period of 12-17 hours of when attachments can be formed by imprinting


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