Born Yesterday

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  • Born Yesterday
    • Personal Response
      • What impact does the title have on the meaning of the poem? It shows how young the child is and how much of its life it has ahead of it
      • How far do you agree with Larkins wishes? I think they are good wishes to have genuine life skills however if a wish was to come true you would also add the other things, e.g. beauty
      • The poem was read out at Sally Amis' funeral (died at 46- kidney failure). Does this give the poem an extra resonance which the poet could never have known when he wrote it? Yes i think it does, as he wished that even during the short life she lived that she captured happiness.
      • Many of the poems in this book express how important love is- how is this book different? This book isn't about the importance of love but the importance of living and enjoying life.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Tenderness- He expresses genuine good feelings for his friends newborn baby daughter
      • Scorn- He's quite cutting about the traditional, fairy-tale kind of wishes people make for babies
      • Realism- He gives a down-to-earth view of the way people can achieve happiness
    • About
      • Occasional piece- written the day after the birth of Sally Amis, daughter of his friend Kinsley Amis. He takes the fairy-tale idea of giving out wishes to a newborn, but adds a twist to it by declaring his wish is not for great beauty and exciting things, but for useful talents
    • Comparison
      • The manhunt/ Nettles/ Sister Maude/ In Paris With you/ Ghazal/To his coy mistress/Praise song for my mother


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