BOOK 12.1

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  • Book 12 part2
    • Jaturna disguises herself as Turnus' chariot driver
      • she keeps him far away from Aeneas
        • Aeneas is furious that Turnus is behaving like a coward
    • Virgil refers to the deaths and slaughter
      • negative connotation of war
      • questions Jupiter's will as theses peoples will go on to unite
    • Menotes is a poor farmer
      • he had no choice but to fight
      • his death is poingnant
    • Venus gives Aeneas wisdom
      • if Turnus wont accept a duel then they will uproot the city
        • they shall take their torches and set fire to the city
          • similar to bee's being smoked out of their city
      • reminds men that Jupiter is on their side
    • Amata can see the Trojans attacking the city
      • she cant see turnus because jocasta has hidden him
      • she feels she's the cause of this war
        • she commits suicide
    • Turnus feels hes let him people down when he sees that aeneas is attacking the city
      • he realises that he's been deceived by his sister
        • he's angry because she's damaged his kleo
        • he begs her to meddle no more
      • he rushes into battle 'like a boulder crashing down from the top of a mountain'
        • he allows the dual to take place
    • Jupiter puts the fate of the two men onto a pair of scales
      • the one with the greater weight will be condemned to death
    • Turnus's swords breaks
      • fate is not on his side
      • doesn't flee
      • referred to as a stag
        • reference to dido
        • vulnerable
    • divine intervention
      • jaturna gets the charioteer to give turnus his sword
      • venus influenced Aeneas' spear out of stump
      • Jupiter asks juno to stop interfering as she cant change the fates
        • she asks that the latins don't become Trojans but a new race is formed
        • race will worship juno
        • sends down a dira in the form of a bird to attack turnus
          • realises this is a bad omen and she cant help anymore
          • in despair like anna
    • the dual
      • turnus's hand are trembling
      • turnus picks up a rock that 12 men couldn't manage
        • fate causes him to miss
      • Aeneas is dominant
      • Turnus behaves like a supplicant
        • Aeneas hesitates
          • but he see's Pallas' baldric
        • sacrifices Turnus to pallas
          • action is driven by his emotion
            • flawed hero
            • ending filled with pathos


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