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  • Book 11
    • Aeneas clothes a tree with Mezentius's armour
      • hope is to urge his men on since this is a huge victory
      • dedicates it to the God of war
    • Pallas's dead body
      • 1000 men escort his body back to Evander
      • 'tears welled up' in Aeneas' eyes
      • mourning procession is on a large scale
        • ALL of the women and ALL of the attendants were in mourning
      • Evander wishes that he hadn't pre-descended his son
        • he knows he can rejoice in the fact that he died a noble death
        • he demands that Aeneas avenges his sons death
    • Latin envoys ask for a 12 day truce
      • aeneas agrees because he believes that the war is futile
        • he wishes he could of given these men peace while they were alive
      • Both the latins and the Trojans build funeral pyres
        • on a huge scale
      • Turnus is viewed very negatively
        • he should be the one fighting
    • Aeneas wants to settle this with a dual
      • Latinus proposes a treaty
        • this will give the Trojans some land and allows them to be a partner in their kingdom
        • Turnus criticises Latinus for having no courage
          • they still have plenty of resources
          • Turnus's armour is glowing red
            • eager to fight
            • typical Roman hero
          • 'lavina's lovely eyes were downcast'
            • the guilt she feels
    • Camilla
      • turnus asks Camilla to distract the trojans
        • Meanwhile he'll go to a ridge in the deserted mountain county to ambush Aeneas
      • Dinas views this war as a' cruel war'
        • Camilla's armour wont be able to protect her
          • she commands opis to avenge Camillas death
        • Metabus had to flee his city but was unable after he came to a river
          • He attached Camilla to an arrow and dedicated her to Diana
            • was became dedicated to hunting
              • all the females admire her and wish for her to marry their sons
                • but she's dedicated to chastity and skills of combat
      • depicted as an amazon
        • remind us of Penthesilea
      • Jupiter encourages Tarchon to go into battle
        • he critises why they're afraid of a woman
        • Arrons wishes to kill Camilla because she poses a large threat
          • Camilla sees chloreus and is attracted by his armour
            • Arrons shoots her while she's off guard
              • he prays to Apollo that he shall not be named for this act
              • 'swollen with empty pride'
          • opis shots him with an arrow and he dies a slow and painful death
      • the Trojans can now advance
        • the gates are shut
          • innocent people die infront of their parents
        • Turnus leaves just before Aeneas passes


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