Blood Brothers

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  • Blood Brothers
    • Charecters
      • Mrs Johnstone
        • poor-"if i'm careful we can scrape by"
        • Superstition- "never put shoes on the table"
          • ellipses- "the shoes...the shoes..."
        • loving- "she takes hm. cradles him letting him cry"
        • optimistic- "Ey, we'll be alright out here, son"
      • Mickey J
        • symbolism- "toy gun"
          • He is holding a toy gun when he is younger, this foreshadows the end of the play
        • Mischievous -"Ooh i dear  y', Linda"
        • Accepting -"He's my best friend"
        • context- Mickey is blamed for the stone throwing tihis shows that the la is against him.
      • Eddie L
        • Confident -"Will you be my best friend"
        • Polite- "hello, Mrs Johnstone. how are you?"
        • Easy influenced -"You say smashing things"
        • Structure - Edward is always trying to give mickey money, this reminds the audience that Mrs L tried to pay off Mrs J
      • Linda
        • Loyal -"Oh leave him alone you big worm"
        • Protective -"I think i've got Mickey a job"
        • Trapped -" there's a girl inside a woman"
      • Narrator
        • Threatening-"they're gonna take your baby away"
        • Judgmental- "did y' never hear of the  mother so cruel"
        • Mysterious-"as the light begins to dim we see the narrator watching"
    • Themes
    • Structure
      • The play has a cyclical structure because it begins at the end.
      • "The story of the johnstone twins"       "Tell me its not true"
        • The repetition emphasises that Mrs J greif would be inevitable.
          • The play has a cyclical structure because it begins at the end.
      • motifs
        • dancing
          • The happiness of being young and free.
          • Mickeys "mind's gone dancing"
            • By using a motif that represents being happy, to describe mickeys depression. Russell makes it seem even worse.
              • The happiness of being young and free.
        • Guns
          • Loss and innocence
          • In there childhood guns are seen as fun toys
            • "you can just get off the ground again...its all just a game"
          • In adulthood guns are highly destructive.
            • 3 people die
        • Marilyn Monroe.
          • represents happiness that doesn't last
          • "Mrs J was lovelier than Marilyn Monroe"
            • Her husband left her when she became "twice the size of Marilyn Monroe"
  • Maisie Swash


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