Biology Triple Science  

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  • Biology B7.1
    • Movement and exercise
      • Vertebrates need an internal  skeleton for movement and support
      • the skeleton is  A mineral store, where blood cells are made ,To protect internal organs  and it also forms levers to allow movement
      • Muscles operate as antagonistic pairs. They work opposite each other to the bones move at the joints.
        • Cartilage and synovial fluid.Cartilage  covers the surface of bones to make them smooth. Synovial fluid is a lubricant and it works to reduce the amount of friction in joints
    • Starting and exercise regime
      • You need to disclose your medical and lifestyle history, symptoms, current medication, alcohol and tobacco consumption, level of current physical fitness and family medical records.
      • Heart Rate will increase from baseline during exercise. The recovery period is the time taken to go back to baseline. Increase in heart rate is to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.
      • BMI is used as measure of fitness. It is based on the mass and height of an individual
      • progress on a fitness test needs to be monitored. The monitoring techniques should be  Accurate - Instruments and procedures give a 'true' reading. Repeatable - you must get similar results with each re- run of a test


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