Biological Rhythms: Circadian Rhythms

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  • Biological Rhythms, EP & EZ
    • Periodic activity governed by: 1. Internal biological clock (endogenous pacemakers) 2. External changes in the enviro. (exogenous zeitgebers)
      • Ultradian Rhythms- occurs many times a day
      • Infrared Rhythms- take less than a day to complete
      • Circannual Rhythms- around 24 hrs
        • Sleep/Wake cycle
          • Releasing hormones
          • Varying our body temp.and bp
    • Sleep/Wake Cycle
      • Governed by internal and external mechanisms
      • Exogenous Zeitgebers- effect of daylight- drowsy=nighttime alert=daylight
      • Endogenous Pacemakers-  a biological clocks without the influence of external stimuli like light its called free-running
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