Biosocial explanantion

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  • Bio social explanation
    • Money and Ehrhardt
      • Once male and female is born social labelling and differential treatment of boys and girls interact with biological factors to steer development.
      • The rearing of sex is the most important in sex development.
      • If a genetic male is mislabelled as a girl and treated as a girl before three, he would acquire the gender identity of a girl.
      • AO2- All children used in research have abnormal gender development, so can these children contribute to our understanding of 'normal' gender development.
    • Schaffer
      • Baby x research , how labelling and differential treatment of children steer development
        • However, the babies were dolls, ecologically valid?
    • Goldwyn
      • Case of Daphne, looked female and had ovaries where her testes should have been, developed into a well adjusted female.
        • Case study , ecologically valid as real life setting.
    • limitations
      • 'Brenda' showed biology was more important than socialisation. Reimer knew he wasn't female.
      • Bradleys- boys penis destroyed and was reassigned to a female and is now a bisexual female.


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