Chemistry metals

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  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Metals
    • Iron and steel can rust, severely weakening structures, e.g if the iron rods used inside reinforced cenrete rust, structures can collapse
    • Stainless steel could only be used for small jobs due to the fact its much more expensive
    • The expolitation of metal ores to extract metals causes pollution and uses up the Earths limited resources
    • Metals are expensive compared to other materials like concrete
    • Protecting them using coatings like paint or grease have to be applied regularly costs money
    • Copper is a good electrical conductor for wiring; it is not reactive so can be made into water pipes
    • Lead can be bent easily so is used to seal joints on roofs
    • Steel is strong for girders and scaffolding
    • Aluminium alloys are corrosin-resistant


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