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  • Believing in god
    • religous upbringing
      • christianity-you cannot be born christian-god has no grand children meaning you cant be forced to be christian
      • islam-they believe everyone is born in submssion to allah.-they may walk away from allah due to upbringing but this is not how it was meant to be-if someone follows islam later in life they are said to be returning.
      • children tend to believe and copy there parents behaviour. so if a child is brought up religously its more likely they will be that religon.factors that influence are religous individuals, faith school, attending church, or reliogous festivals.
    • religous experiences
      • lead to belief in god beacuase they can feel god is listening, gods presence or feel the nature of god has been revealed by reading the q'uran/bible
    • design and causation
      • DESIGN-someone must of designed the universe. william paleys watch theory. the world is too detailed and amazing to not of been designed.
      • CAUSATION-there must of been a first cause.everything needs a cause and if you trace it back you find an uncausable cause. this first cause could be god.
    • the origins of the world
      • SCIENTIFIC.-cosmological is how the universe came to being ie the big bang theory.-evolutionary theories are how living things came to be like they are today i.e charles darwins theory of evolution.
      • CHRISTIAN.christians think that god created everything it took  6 days according to the bible.
      • ISLAMbelieve that allah created the world and everything in it.although the qu'ran is not entirely agianst science.
    • evil and suffering
      • evil can lead people to question their faith- cant believe god would allow suffering or unanswered prayers or god cant be very powerful if he cant stop suffering
      • CHRISTIAN.-evil entered the world as a result of adam and eve giving in to temptation known as 'the fall' so every human was born with a flawed nature.christians believe god created everyone with free will so its up to us if how we perform. suffering is seen as a test of faith- god has his reasons.
      • ISLAM.-islam teaches humankind was created with freewill therfore they can choose to follow god or do wrong. the q'uran says 'we will surely test you' muslims believe evil is a test of humanitys free will. islam teaches that if we choose to act agianst the will of allah we will have to answer for that on the day of judgement. despite suffering in life there will be joy in the next. prayer is a way of coping with evil.
    • the media:belief
      • positive effects of showing religon in the media: share experiences, portray the religon in a good way, can lead to deeper understanding
      • negative effects: could portray it in a bad way, could be seen as trivilising or making fun of the could state incorrect facts.


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