basic physics unit 1

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  • basic physics unit 1.1
    • units and dimentions
      • there are 6 base units that i need to know
        • Kilogram Kg
        • metre m
        • second s
        • ampere A
        • kelvin K
        • mole mol
      • Homogeneous-units are equal on both sides of an equation
      • SI units; divide by 1000 to increase eg. 1m to 0.001km and multiply by 1000 to decrease eg. 1g to 1000mg
    • density
      • density is constant and doesn't depend on the shape or size of the the sample of material
      • the equation is p=m/v
      • the units are kgm^-3
    • moments
      • definition= the moment of a force about a point is the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the point to the line of action of the force
        • moment F about P = Fd
          • use this to work out moments
          • the units are Nm
      • the principle of moments= the sum of the clock wise = sum of the anti clock wise
      • conditions of an equilibrium; no resultant moment and no resultant force
      • use trig to work out moments
      • single support problems; use trig
      • two support problems; use the sum of ac= sum of cw ; take moments from s1 to find s2 and vice-versa
    • scalars and vectors
      • scalar= magnitude only vector= magnitude and direction
      • to add vectors and find the resultant force use Pythagoras or simple trigonometry
      • resolving vectors= use trigonometry
    • centre of gravity
      • the centre of gravity of a body is the point where the entire weight of the body can be considered to act
      • for symmetrical bodies the centre of gravity must lie on any plane of symmetry




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