B5 - Meiosis and Mitosis

Difference between meiosis and mitosis.

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  • B5
    • Mitosis
      • Happens in all cells ACCEPT for the sex cells (sperm and egg)
      • The daughters are genetically  IDENTICAL
      • Important for growth, asexual reproduction and repaid and development
      • Divides to TWO daughter cells
    • Meiosis
      • Important for  genetic variation and fertlisation of 46 chromosomes
      • Divides to FOUR daughter cells
      • Happens in ONLY the sex cells. i.e. sperm and egg
      • The daughters are genetically DIFFERENT




This really easy to understand!  I have had so much trouble trying to get my head around the differences between meiosis and mitosis, but I am getting it now.  Thanks :)




I agree wiv u Scooby it actually helps

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