B1 Science: Genes, Chromosomes and DNA

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  • Genes, Chromosomes And DNA
    • The Nucleus contains the chromosomes. 46 of them
    • Chromosomes are made of genes which are the code for protein
    • An allele is two versions of the same gene e.g. the eye colour allele Bb = Brown Eyes as brown is dominant
    • Genotypes are the genes an organism has
    • A phenotype is the characteristics the organism shows
    • Environmental factors can effect the characteristics of a person
    • alleles work in Dominant and Recessive qualities
      • Dominant only need one allele to be e.g. Huntingtons needs Hh or HH to be diseased
      • Recessive need 2 recessive alleles to show e.g. cystic fibrosis needs rr to become diseased. This is why you can be a carrier with Rr


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