Biology B1

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  • B1.1-2
    • Pathogens and Disease
      • Pathogens are small micro organisms that can get into the body and produce toxins that make us feel ill
      • Before viruses were discovered a doctor called Ignaz Semmelweiz realised that infections could be transferred from person to person in a hospital
      • Defence Mechanisms- Antibodies lock onto Antigens and then pathogens are ingested and destroyed by white blood cells
      • MRSA is a super bug as it resists strains of antibiotics
    • Coordination and Control
      • Reflex Arc: Receptor-Sensory Neuron-Relay Neuron-Effector-Action. Synapses are junctions between Neurons
      • Hormones and The Menstrual Cycle
        • FSH is made by the pituitary gland and it causes the egg to mature and Oestrogen to be produced
        • Oestrogen made by the Ovaries, stops the production of FSH. And stimulates both the linning of the womb to recieve the egg, and stimulates LH to be produced. LH
        • The Plant Hormone known as an Auxin is responsible for phototropism and gravitropism


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