Keeping Healthy-B1

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  • B1-Keeping Healthy
    • How bacteria develops resitance
      • If you have an infection, some of the bacteria might be resistant to antibiotics
      • The individual resisant bacteria will survive and reproduce, and the population of the resistant strain will increase. This is natural selection.
      • Bacterica can mutate
      • To slow down the rate of development of resistant strains, its important for doctors to avoid over prescribing antibiotics
    • Immunity vaccination
      • Vaccinations involve injecting small amounts of dead or inactive microorganisms. These carry antigens which cause your body to produce antibodies to attack them.
    • Semmelweiss
      • Discovered that if doctors washed their hands there were less deaths whilst delievering babies. No one believed him as there wasn't enough evidence and did not want to be blamed for their deaths.
    • Antibiotics and white blood cells
      • Antibiotics are substances which stop the growth of bacteria
      • White blood cells:Engulf bacteria
        • Produce anittoxins to prevent pathogen toxins from harming you
      • Produce antibodies specific to the pathogen
    • MRSA
      • Hospital superbug


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