B1: Cell Biology (9-1)

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  • Organelles of plant + animal cells (eukaryotic)
    • Animal + plant
      • Nucleus: contains genetic material which dictates activities/f-unctions of the cell.
      • Cytoplasm: where most chemical reactions happen. Contains enzymes which control them
      • Cell membrane: holds cell together. Controls what goes in + out.
      • Mitochond-ria: where most of the reactions for aerobic respiration occurs. Respiration transfers energy needed for cell function. Contains enzymes which speed up respiration.
      • Ribosomes: site of protein synthesis.
    • Plant only
      • Vacuole: contains cell sap, w/ various food/nutri-ents needed to survive.
      • Cell wall: a rigid cellulose wall. Supports + strengthens cell.
      • Chloroplast: site of photosynthesis. Contains a green substance -chlorophyll - absorbs needed light for photosynt-hesis.
    • Organelle: specialised unit within a cell w/ a specific function, vital for the cell to live.


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