AYLI- Religion

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  • AYLI Religion
    • Nature presented as better than organised religion
      • 'Tongues in tress, books in the running brookes, sermons in stones and good in everything'
        • Suggests that more can be learnt from nature than church/orthodox relgion
    • Presents ideas that may go against the accepted religions of the time
      • 'Here we shall see no enemy but winter and rough weather'
        • Whereas the devil would be seen as the 'enemy' in Christianity, the only enemy in nature is the weather
      • The forest as pre-lapsarian
        • 'Here we feel not the penalty of Adam'
      • 'Let the forest judge'
        • Nature is more powerful and morally correct than humans
          • Nature takes the place of God, who would be the ultimate judge in Chritianity
      • 'The Duke hath put on a religious life'
        • potential meaning of 'put on'- connotes fake, artificial
    • Power of religion to convert Duke Frederick


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