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  • Revision
    • Discoveries
      • In 1881, Charles Darwin and his son Francis performed experiments on coleoptiles.
      • In 1913 a scientist; Peter Boysen-Jensen demonstrated that the signal was not transfixed but mobile.
    • Weedkillers
      • Organic;These are the safest weedkillers to use. Vinegar is the main ingredent!
      • Granular;NOT RECOMMENDED. It is very bad for the environment. When it Rains, the granules run off!
      • Liquid; Recommended for spot treatment and kills over 225 types of weed!
    • Precautions
      • Chemical-based weed killers can harm your pets!
      • Do Not use in vegetable gardens, will ruin the vegetables!
      • Organic weedkillers are harmless towards animals or vegetables!
      • Do not use Chemical-based weed killers if you have asthma!
    • What is a Weed Killer?
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