Au top sans clope

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  • Au top sans clope
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar: The imperative
      • You use the imperative to give commands or suggest doing something.
      • It exists in the tu/vous/nous form
      • To form the imperative, use the tu, vous or nous forms of the present tense without the subject pronoun.
        • Example: choisir - (tu) choisis - choisis la liberte (chose liberty)
        • Exceptions
          • avoir
            • aie
            • ayez
            • ayons
          • etre
            • sois
            • soyez
            • soyons
          • savoir
            • sache
            • sachez
            • sachons
      • With the reflexive verb, keep the reflexive pronoun
        • The pronoun after the verb is joined with a hyphen
        • Example: arrete-toi
    • Statistics


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