Responsibility in An Inspector Calls

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  • Attitudes to responsibility and blame and guilt
    • Sheila
      • 'So I'm really responsible?'
      • 'It was my own fault.'
      • 'And if I could help her now I would.'
      • 'You talk as if we were responsible.'
    • The Inspector
      • 'You'll be able to divide the responsibility between you when I've gone.'
      • 'Remember what you did.'
      • 'We are responsible for each other.'
      • 'Public men have responsibilites as well as privilages
    • Arthur Birling
      • Sheila says to him, 'you don't see to have learnt anything.'
      • 'Still I can't accept any responsibility.
      • 'Well its my duty to keep labour costs down.'
    • Mrs Birling
      • 'Then he'd be entirely responsible'
      • 'Therefore you are quite wrong to suppose I shall regret what I did.'
      • 'First the girl herself.'


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