Attempts to Overcome Inequality

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  • Attempts to Overcome Inequality
    • The Debate over Equality
      • Busing, taking children from black neighbourhoods to schools in white neighbourhoods because they were better
      • Some wanted positive discrimination to help racial minorities and change the rules in their favour
      • Set aside a certain number of places for racial minorities in schools, universities or even jobs
      • Some felt passing laws to enforce equality was not enough, didn't prevent discrimination in jobs, education etc.
    • What is Affirmative Action?
      • Gratz V Bollinger 2003 ruled against Michigan's entry policy of awarding AA and Hispanic applicants 20 out of 150 points they need for admission
      • Grutter V Bollinger 2003 allowed a limited type of AA in education but put a time limit that it shouldn't be needed by 2028
      • Fisher V UT 2013, she couldn't get into the university because of AA and the court ruled in her favour
      • Changes rules so ethnic/racial minorities are given a positive advantage to achieve a better life in the long run
      • Adarand Constructors V Pena 1995, SC struck down a law requiring contracts to be given to black firms over white firms
        • This case began the SC to restrict AA
      • Unfair that minorities should get help over someone more qualified or better suited, reverse discrimination
      • 1978 Regents of the University of California V Bakke, reserved 16 places for minority students and Bakke was rejected even though he had better results, court ruled in favour
      • Nixon had the idea of quotas in jobs on government projects
      • Began with Kennedy and Johnson in the 60s with the Equal Employment Commission
    • Different Types of Supporters of Affirmative Action
      • Moderates
        • Draw on tradition of MLK
        • Wish to create a rainbow coalition of supporters
        • AA has been successful but is still needed
        • Obama argued that the poverty and disadvantage suffered by African Americans is of a specifically racial nature and requires a racial solution
      • Radicals
        • Draw on tradition of MX and Black Power
        • Moderates aren't doing enough
        • Corrective justice is need to compensate African Americans for the historical injustice
        • AA will never achieve this while SC holds up Bakke and Bollinger case
        • Every year since 1989 Congressman John Conyers had introduced a bill for reparations
        • African Americans are asking for compensation for a great crime against them not of thie own making


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