Attachment - Learning Theory

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  • Attachment - Learning Theory
    • Explanation
      • Classical Conditioning
        • Learning through association
        • Applying
          • Before Conditioning
            • Food: Unconditioned stimulus
            • Pleasure: Unconditioned response
          • During Conditioning
            • Mother: Neutral stimulus
          • After Conditioning
            • Mother: Conditioned stimulus
            • Pleasure: Conditioned response
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Learning by reinforcement and punishment
        • Applying
          • Infant feels hungry
            • Food produces feeling of pleasure - rewarding
              • Food is primary reinforcer
              • Mother brings food (reward)
                • Mother is secondary reinforcer
    • Association between mother and pleasure develops attachment
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Watson + Rayner - Little Albert
          • Used classical conditioning to make Albert afraid of rats
          • Wasn't afraid of anything other than natural fear of loud noises
          • Whenever shown white rat (UC) hit a steel (NS) which frightened him (UR)
          • By end, whenever shown a white rat (CS) he got frightened (CR)
      • Weaknesses
        • Schaffer + Emerson - Glasgow babies
          • Found that babies grew attachments with those who were most interactive and sensitive - not always food giver
        • Harlow's Monkey's
          • Monkeys showed attachment to wire mother which gave contact comfort not food
          • Can it be applied to humans?


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