Attachment - Evolutionary Theory

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  • Attachment - Evolutionary Theory (Bowlby)
    • Explanation
      • Attachment is an innate drive
        • Increases chances of survival - reproduction
        • Babies born with social releasers to trigger attachment response in parents
          • Big shiny eyes, smiling, crying
        • Baby is parent's chance to pass on genes
      • Sensitive Period
        • Infants most sensitive to attachment between 6-9 months
        • Inspired by Lorenz's investigation into imprinting
      • Monotropy
        • Babies formed many attachments but the primary and most strong attachment was to the mother
      • Internal Working Model
        • Infant creates template based on monotropic attachment
        • This template determines their adult relationships
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Hazen + Shaver - Love Quiz
          • Supports Internal Working Model
          • Placed quiz in newspaper questioning relationship with parents when young and beliefs about romantic relationship now
          • Insecure avoidant - feared intimacy and happy single
          • Insecure resistant - Insecure and were obsessive
          • Secure - happy, loving and trusting
        • Explains why attachment is reciprocal
          • Mother can pass on genes
      • Weaknesses
        • Based on retrospective data
          • Can't be validated and could be biased
        • Weakness of Internal Working Model
          • Attitudes to relationships in adulthood may not be caused by type of attachment in infancy
          • Temperament hypothesis
          • Person might have an innate personality type which is easier to attach to


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