Assault (ABH, GBH, Intent GBH)

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    • Common Assault- Section 39 Criminal Justice Act 1988
      • Assault
        • Intentionally /Recklessly
        • Cause another to apprehend
        • Immediate unlawful violence
        • Doesn't have to cause injury, the fear of immediate violence is enough
        • Can be a threat but must be capable of being carried out immediatey
      • Battery
        • Intentionally/ Recklessly
        • Apply
        • Unlawful Violence
        • Minor temporary Damage- Reddening Skin, Small Bruise
    • Offence  Against Persons Act 1861
      • Actual Bodily Harm- Section 47
        • Intentionally/ Recklessly
          • Only need intent, not intention of level of injury.
        • Assaults (incl battery)
        • Causing Actual Bodily Harm
          • Pain interfering with health/ comfort. e.g Fractures, Broken Nose, Multiple bruises
      • Grievously Bodily Harm- Section 20
        • Unlawfully/ Malciously
        • Wound/ Inflict
        • Grievously Bodily Harm
          • Serious Bodily Harm- Disability, Loss of function, Broken Bones, Fractured Skull,Lengthy Surgery, Wounds (Breaks all layers of skin)
            • Wounds/ Causes Grievously Bodily Harm
      • Grievously Bodily Harm with Intent- Section 18
        • With intent to cause Grieviously Bodily Harm
          • Show intent- e.g Prolonged attack
        • With intent to resist/ prevent lawful detention
        • Wounds/ Causes Grievously Bodily Harm


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