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  • Artificial Things
    • Costume
      • Inspired by Djurovic Paintings
      • Amy wears a green, thigh length sleepless dress with streaks of blue and grey, side vents and a peter pan collar.
      • Laura wears a white sleepless top with bright blue streaks. grey trousers with pleats and a blue belt with black heeled shoes.
      • david wears a white collared short sleeve shirt with streaks of blue and green. and blue/grey trousers.
      • Dave wears a pale green collared short sleeved shirt with pockets and darker green streaks, with grey trousers.
    • Performance Environment
      • Proscenium arch stage
    • Aural Setting
      • wind soundsand crunching sounds.
      • piano- notes are played and the inside strings are strummed creating a whooshing sound, gliding.
      • Piano plays "chimes" in portraits.
        • the sunshine of your simile- old fashioned love song sung by a tenor with orchestra: Dave's solo.


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