Arthur Birling

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  • Arthur Birling
    • Characteristics
      • Head of the family and boss of his own business
        • Confident
      • Likes to be in control
        • Reminds everyone that he is in charge
      • ambitious
        • "There's a very good chance of a knighthood" (pg 8)
      • business minded
        • "a hard-headed practical business man" (pg 7)
      • selfish
        • "a man has to make his own way" (pg 9)
        • See's his daughters engagement as more of a business deal
    • Doesn't accept responsibility for Eva's death
      • Doesn't think about others
        • Doesn't believe in "community and all that nonsense"
    • Authoritative language
      • Birling should be "provincial in speech"
        • Shows he has a regional accent
          • Accent and class were closely linked showing that Birling was middle class not upper.
      • Has the most continuous speech through out the play


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