Approaches evaluation 2

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  • Evaluation
    • Biological
      • Scientific methods- family and twin studies effective for measuring role of genes, scanners e.g. fMRIs accurate tech advances to measure bio and neural processes (reliable data)
      • Real life application- understandingof biochemical processes, development of psychoactive drugs, treat serious mental conditions. Improvement from incarceration
      • Determinist view of behaviour- sees behaviour as controlled by internal bio causes, no control, no free will. Implications for wider society- diminishes extent offenders held reliable
      • Can’t separate nature vs nurture- MZ and DZ twins have similar genes, also have similar environment- difficult to separate
    • Cognitive
      • Scientific and objective methods- applies highly controlled methods to enable researchers to infer cognitive processes, uses lab experiments to produce objective data. Emergence of cognitive neurology- study of mind established credible scientific basis
      • Practical application- applies to a wide range of practical and theoretical contexts e.g. CBT widely used and successful to treat depression and anxiety
      • Less determinist- formed on soft determinism, recognises cognitive system can only operate writhing our schema, but are free to think before responding- reasonable ‘interactionist’ approach


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