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  • Approaches
    • Learning: Behaviourism
      • Classical conditioning: Pavlov's dog
      • Operant conditioning: Skinners Rats
    • Learning: Social Learning
      • Meditational processes:  1. Attention  2. Retention 3. Reproduce 4. Motivation
      • Vicarious reinforcementis learning via consequenceof others
      • Have to identify with their role models
    • Cognitive Approach
      • Internal mental processes using inferences
      • Use theoretical & computer models to suggest how info flows
      • Schemas: information packages that are a mental framework for interpreting information
    • Humanistic Approach
      • Every person has free will and are active agents in their own life
      • Self-actualisation is the top of needs, personal growth is essential
      • Ideal self and true self must be congruent or = low self esteem
    • Psycho-dynamic Approach
      • The unconscious is where all your repressed memories are
      • Id = devil  Ego = you     Superego = angel
      • 1. Oral          2. Anal         3. Phallic      4. Latent      5. Genital
    • Biological Approach
      • Monozygotic twins have more concordance rates than dizygotic
      • Genotype: actual genetics Phenotype: shown through physical looks
      • Charles Darwin theory of natural selection e.g. changes to better us


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