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  • Approaches
    • Cognitive
      • Loftus and Palmer
      • Behaviour is explained in terms of mental processes like memory, perception and attenonn,
        • It is interested in how the brain inputs, stores and outputs information.
          • Mental processes can be studied scientifically
      • Moray
      • Simons and Chabris
    • Individual Differences
      • Freud
        • Baron Cohen
      • Studies the differences between people rather than what they have in common. Looks for patterns in behaviour through predictions and generalisations.
      • Gould
      • Hancock
    • Psychodynamic
      • Freud
      • All human behaviour can be explained in terms of the inner conflict of the mind.
        • Much of our behavour is driven by inconscious motives
          • Childhood is a critical period in development
    • Developmental
      • Bandura
      • Chaney
      • Assumes human behaviour is the result of nurture and therefore due to external influences and often occurs in stages.
      • Kohlberg
      • Lee
    • Behaviourist
      • Bandura
      • Chaney
    • Biological
      • Sperry
      • Casey
      • Behaviour can be explained through biological factors such as genetic programming, chemicals released and the anatomy of the brain.
        • Assumes the brain is difficult to influence , except through drugs or surgery.
      • Blakemore and Cooper
      • Maguire
    • Social
      • focuses on the influence of the social environment and others
      • Milgram
      • Bocchiaro
      • Levine
        • Pilliavin


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