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  • Approaches
    • Behavioral
      • Classical Conditioning
        • Learning through association
        • One stimulus gets a response from another
      • Operant conditioning
        • Learning through consequences
        • Reinforcement and punishment
    • Cognitive
      • Behaviour is linked to though processes
      • Input comes from our senses which our brain processes and then gives instructions to the body to carry out
    • Biological
      • Our behaviour is innate
      • Our genes affect our behaviour
        • Inherited from our parents
        • Genotypes: characteristics we have inherited
        • Phenotypes: characteristics that interact with the environment
      • Looks at the influence of neurotransmitters on our behavious
        • Chemicals found in the brain that can affect our behavior (eg serotonin)
      • Hormones
    • Psychodynamic
      • Behaviour is linked to childhood
        • If bad things happen to us in childhood we use defence mechanisms to protect oursleves
      • We hide things in the unconscious


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