Of Mice and Men Themes

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  • Animals /Nature
    • Lennie is like an animal
      • He acts to satisfy his immediate needs
      • Has no concept of the conse-quences of his actions
      • "bear" "paws" "snorting...  like a horse"
      • "drinks like a dog" "terrier" "bleated" "growled" "wary like an animal"
    • Many characters are described as animals
      • Curley's wife: "rat" "fish"
      • "They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog"
      • "Put him in a cage"
    • The water snake, which is alive in the pool at the beginning of the novel and killed in the final section, shows that nature is harsh
    • Lennie's death is very similar to the death of Candy's dog showing that Lennie is treated like an animal
      • "Right in the back of the head"
      • "Without quivering"
    • Lennie adores animals and doesn't mean to hurt them
    • There is a consistent motif throughout the book of nature being disturbed by man
      • For example: when the pool is calm and then George and Lennie can be heard approaching"


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