Of Mice and Men

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  • Animals in of Mice and men
    • Lennie is obsessed with the rabbits as he uses it as an advantage to himself so that he can get away from relaity
    • Lennie had a mouse at the start of the book which dies and at the end of the book he dies
      • in between that he kills a puppy and curleys wife so this symbolizes that what he kills just gets bigger
    • Lots of animals are used to describe Lennie
    • Heron and water snake (ch 6) metaphor, fore shadowing what is to come.
    • mouse then pup shows the escalation of Lennies victims
    • The rabbits are usesd as a symbol of the dream
    • mother dog and pups
    • Candy's dog gets shot in the back of the head just like Lennie does at the end of the book
    • In the opening scene of the book where there's all the animals around Ggeorge and Lennie and they all start to run away


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