B2 - Cells

Features and properties of animal cells, plant cells, bacteria and yeast.

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  • Cells
    • Animal
      • Nucleus - contains genetic material that controls the cell.
      • Cytoplasm - where most chemical reactions take place. It contains enzymes.
      • Cell Membrane - controls what goes in and out.
      • Mitochondria - where respiration happens.
      • Ribosomes - where protein is made.
    • Plants
      • Contains everything that an animal cell contains.
      • Cell Wall - strengthens and supports the cell
      • Vacuole - contains sap (weak solution of salt and sugar)
      • Chloroplasts - where photosynthesis happens which makes food. They have a green substance called chlorophyll
    • Yeast
      • A microorganism that has a nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane and a cell wall.
    • Bacteria
      • A single celled microorgansism with a cytoplasm, cell membrane and a cell wall. The genetic material floats in the cytoplasm


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