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  • Responsibility
    • 'we don't live alone. we are members of one body. we are responsible for each other'
      • this shows priestly views on socialism and that we should all share collective responsibility for society
      • this speech is a direct contrast to Mr Birling's  before the inspector arrived
      • the inspector not only aims this speech at the characters but the audience of the play and society as whole. Priestley  wants the audience to share collective responsibility especially after the war, as he saw it as a critical time for society the change their values from capitalist to socialist
    • 'if men will not  learn that lesson then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish'
      • Set before the wall but written after Priestley sends an ironic warning to his audience in this final quote as 'fire and blood and anguish' foreshadows the two world wars which have already happened. He is trying to show the audience that the war was a result of a lack of social responsibility
    • 'how could I have known what would happen afterwards?'
      • Sheila thinks that she is not personally responsible to deaths of Eva Smith because she alludes that she was physically unaware the consequences of her actions towards Eva
      • However Priestley once the audience to realise that actions have consequences for other people and should therefore be carried out with a sense of responsibility towards the well-being of others
    • 'I blame the young man who was the father of the child she was going to have'
      • ironic and stubborn, she takes no responsibility, even if it means turning in her own son.
    • 'each of you helped to kill her'
      • Says that the inspector and Priestley wants them all to take responsibility for their actions Priestley suggest that rather than taking capitalist views  society would be stronger collectively rather than apart.
    • 'cranks' 'I can't accept any responsibility'
      • Mr Birling's attitude is contrasting to the inspectors, he doesn't believe that they should have responsibility for anyone other than his family of anything except his business.
      • Priestley purposely discredits Mr Birling's views in the play when he comments on the likelihood of war and how the Titanic is unsinkable
      • He says that those who say he should have social responsibility our 'cranks'. He also shows no remorse his part in Eva Smith's death- as he is concerned he made good business decision and it can be justified.
      • Mr Birling represents the injustice in society despite the fact he holds a high position in society
    • 'I think it was a mean thing to do'
      • Sheila wants her parents to take responsibility for their actions and reflect her attitude rather than contrast it


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