An Inspector Calls: Characters

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  • An Inspector Calls
    • Sheila
      • Sheila is Gerald Croft's fiancee. She was jealous when seeing Eva in Milwards and told the manager's to sack her or she would stop people from going there. Towards the end of the play, she is changed and reflects on the Inspector's ideas and voices them to the rest of the family who are too proud to listen.
    • Gerald
      • Gerald is Sheila's fiance. He was away for a summer where he met Eva Smith (she told him her name was Daisy Renton) and made her his mistress. Sheila didn't know of this and was very shocked when she found out.
    • Eric
      • Eric is Sheila's brother. He was responsible for Eva Smith's pregnancy. He forced himself upon her when he was drunk. He stole money to provide for her and his child, but she wouldn't take it, knowing it was stolen.
    • Mrs Birling
      • Mrs Birling is the wife of successful businessman, Mr Birling. She was originally from an upper class so only knows those ways of life. She works for a charity that helps young girls who are in a tough situation. She denied any help for Eva Smith as she was offended by her calling herself "Eva Birling".
    • Mr Birling
      • Mr Birling is a successful businessman. He sacked Eva because she asked for a pay rise and he couldn't accept her offer. He works towards lower costs and higher prices which is his main aim.
    • Eva Smith / Daisy Renton
      • Eva Smith is a young girl who had a rough life. She was sacked from Mr Birling's factory after starting an uprising. Then she was sacked from Milwards because Sheila was extremely jealous of her beauty. This was a weakness for Gerald and she was happy with him. He left her. Eric then forced himself upon her, getting her pregnant. Mrs Birling refused giving help to her which led to her suicide, killing herself and her unborn child.


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