American west- before 1860

mindmap of all the stuff before 1860 on american west

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  • American West
    • The lifestyle of plains indians
      • They relied on buffalo for most resources
        • Tongue for hairbrush
        • Bladder for carrying water
        • Tail for whips, fly swats and ornaments
      • They followed wild animals (buffalos) round for food
      • They  travelled in small bands
        • Usually were one or two extended families
      • They scalped peoples heads to show bravery
    • Religion and traditions of the plains indians
      • They believed that no-one owned the land
      • Circles- of life   -of nature
      • Everything has a spirit
      • Important ideas were passed down through generations not written in a book
    • Role of women
      • They made most of the finsished goods e.g tipis
      • Responsible for any house work and education
    • Role of men
      • Hunting
      • Warrior sociteties and making descions
      • Marrying women
    • Reasons to go west
      • Push
        • Lots of crime
        • Lack of employment
        • Land was expensive
        • Banks collasped
        • Land was over worked
      • Pull
        • Land was free
        • Government encouraged it
        • Lots of jobs
        • Manifest destiny
    • Gold Rush
      • 1849 gold was discovered in   california by james marshall
      • Brought miners
        • Brought supplies from store owners
        • Ghost owners
        • Helped to settle the west
      • Claim jumping- stealing someone elses claim (gold) sites
    • Mormons
      • Why they hated so much?
        • Practised polygamy
        • Didnt like slavery
        • Didnt gamble
        • Didnt drink
      • It was started by joesph smith wh claimed her had seen a vision from an angel called moroni in 1823
      • He was told to find some gold plates which had was is now the book of mormon which was written in 1830
    • Manifest Destiny
      • Many white christians belived in manifest destiny.
      • It is the idea to settle across the whole of the west
    • Traditions and religions of white people
      • Christianity
    • Outsiders Views
      • They thought the plains indians were savages
      • They thought Indians were savages anf theifs
      • Some people thought they were resourceful


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