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  • Amends
    • Purpose
      • ecological- implies the healing work needs to continue to be done
    • Tone
      • sad, regretful mood as moon attempts to make amends
    • Content
      • describes the purity of moonlight as it passes over and soaks into the face of the Earth
      • the purity of light is being wielded as a weapon for the good of the Earth
    • Structure
      • poem's movement is hesitant, fits and starts, ends openly without a full stop= acceleration and release
      • poem is one long sentence (lack of punctuation), enjambment
      • 'as if' repeated - trying to make up for something, or a fanciful conceit that the moon could heal a landscape?
      • focus on movement of moonlight
      • 'as it' - anaphora, progress of moonlight, rhetorical momentum, moon is ubiquitous
    • Analysis
      • Stanza four
        • 'soaks'- liquidlike, moon's constant quality is liquidness, gathering energy
        • 'trailers'- poor people, damage to environment made them worse off
        • 'tremulous'-shaking and afraid/troubled, vs moon which is smooth and gentle
        • 'dwells upon the eyelids'- protection, caring, comfort
        • 'as if'
      • Stanza three
        • 'the gash' (this line)- moon takes on deliberate agency, volta shifts focus of poem
        • 'quarry'- humans destroying environment
        • 'hangared fuselage'- light shines off man-made objects in a stunted way compared to nature
        • 'crop-dusting plane'- man-made landscape
      • Stanza two
        • 'greater stones'- broader range of view, light is more passive at this point
        • 'laying its cheek'- relaxing, sense of touch, feminine, nurturing, loving (moon associated with Diana, Artemis)
        • 'sand'- relaxation
        • 'flows'- easing landscape's pain, uncontrolled yet relaxed
        • 'flicks/licks'- rhyme, gentle, intimate relatioship
        • 'it'- reader forgets its moonlight- adds to personification
      • Stanza one
        • 'nights like this'- Merchant of Venice opening lines A5, sets scene, links with moon. abrupt pause- disrupts flow of language, suddenness
        • 'cold'- chilly atmosphere, at night, harsh
        • 'exploding'- violent, harsh, interrupts silence
        • 'picking'- personifies moon, selective, reflecting off some stones more


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