The Amazon Rainforest

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  • Amazon Rainforest
    • World's largest rainforest
      • Contains half the world's animal population
        • In South America
    • Causes of deforestation
      • Logging - Timber companies interested in trees such as mahogany. Smaller trees used for coal or fuel
      • Mineral Extraction - Mining is mainly of gold. In 1999, 10000 hectares of land being used for mining. Today, 50000 hectares
    • Impacts of deforestation
      • Amazon stores 100 billion tonnes of Carbon dioxide.
      • Soil erosion means loss of soil fertility
      • Loss of Biodiversity
      • Farming makes lots of money
    • Sustainable management of deforestation
      • Selective logging - only some trees (older ones) are cut down leaving the younger trees to cut down
      • Afforestation - replanting the trees that are cut down


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