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  • Alkanes
    • Structure, Naming and Properties
      • Saturated hydrocarbons contain single bonds only.
      • The general formula for alkanes is CnH2n+2
      • Naming alkanes
        • Identify the longest continuous carbon chain
        • Identify and name branches
          • eg. CH3 : methyl
        • number the chain in both directions and pick the scheme that has the lowest possible positions
        • 2 of the same branch - di
      • Structural isomers have the same molecular formula but different structural formulas.
    • Alkanes as fuels
      • Fuels need to be: readily available,  easily transportable and inexpensive.
      • Crude oil is formed  through heat and pressure on plant/animal remains
        • This is a long process and takes millions of years, therefore it is a non-renewable resource
      • Fractional distillation is the seperation of the compounds in a liquid micture into fractions which differ in boiling point


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