Affect of temperature on membrane permiability

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  • Effect of temperature on membrane permeability- Core Practical
    • Method
      • 1. Use a scalpel to cut 5 equal size pieces of beetroot
      • 2. Rinse the beetroot to remove any pigment released during cutting
      • 3. Use a measuring cylinder to measure 5 cm cubed of water into 5 test tubes
      • 4. Place beet root into the test tubes and place the test tubes into 5 different water baths (10,20,30,40,50)
      • 5. Remove the beetroot and place the coloured liquid in a colorimetre
    • Equiptment
      • Scaple
      • Beetroot
      • water
      • Measuring cylinder
      • Test tubes
      • Water baths
      • Colourimetre
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Temperature of the water baths
      • Dependent
        • How much colour (betalain) leaks out of a beetroot
      • Control
        • Time that the beetroot is in the water
          • Will affect how much the membranes denature
        • Size of beetroot
          • So results from different temperatures can be compared
        • Volume of liquid beetroot is put in
          • Will affect how dilute the coloured liquid is
        • Type of liquid beetroot is put into
          • Can affect how much the membrane denatures
        • Type of beetroot
          • All have slightly different membranes


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