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  • Adolescence 11-18 years
    • Emotional
      • Body image
      • Self-consciousness develops
      • Mood-swings occur
      • Independence increases- they rely much less on parents
      • Sexual attractions/ feelings- relationships
    • Physical
      • Growth spurt; in girls 10-12 and in boys 12-15
      • Puberty is where they become sexually mature
        • Increase in size in vagina, menstruation and ovulation
        • Increase in size of testes and penis, erections and sperm production
      • Secondary sexual characteristic
        • Breast develops, hips widen and pubic hair grows
        • Facial hair ad pubic hair grows, voice breaks and shoulders broaden
      • Increase in strength, stamina and coordination
      • Gross an fine motor skills increase
    • Social
      • Experience social awkwardness
      • Friendships are deeper and longer lasting
      • Circle of friends increases
      • Influenced more by peers than parents
      • relationships based on sexual and romantic attraction
    • Intellectual
      • Problem solving skills increase
      • Language improves
      • Increased concentration
      • Learning strategies increase
      • Curiosity is lost




Perfect way of revising the PIES development of adolescents



This mind map really helped me in my coursework cheers you legends x

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