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  • Adaption
    • Adaption to cold
      • Polar bear
    • Adaption to dry
      • Camel
    • Specialist
      • Can only live in certain places
      • Physiological Physical Behavioural Anatomical
    • Predator
      • Breeding strategy
      • Hunting Strategy
      • Bioncular Vision
    • Prey
      • They are colourful so that predators think that they are poisonous
      • Monocular Vision
      • They live in groups to avoid being caught
    • Generalist
      • Can live in many different places
    • Why do Plants and Animals adapt to survive?
      • Prey
      • Predators
      • Competition
    • Adaption to Hot
      • Tribes have a large surface area
  • Adaption to cold
    • Polar bear


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