Act 3

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  • Act 3
    • Scene 1
      • Banquo  is  suspicious of Macbeth. . Macbeth  orders  murderers to kill Banquo
    • Scene 2
      • Macbeth  has become more like Lady Macbeth.  Macbeth gets  the murderers to kill Banquo by  questioning their masculinity, much like Lady Macbeth. He also lies to  convince  them Banquo is their  enemy.
    • scene 3
      • The Macbeths feel insecure  about  Macbeth's  position as king.
    • Scene 4
      • Macbeth learns of Banquo's death and fleance's escape and at the feast when raising a toast to banquo, he sees his ghost and freaks out so Lady M dismisses the feast and he later tells her that he thinks Macduff is against him and is planning to revisit the witches.
    • Scene 5
      • The three witches and the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate prepare a strong spell for deluding Macbeth
    • Scene 6
      • Lennox outlines to another lord in ironic terms his understanding of what has been going on in Scotland, that Macbeth has plagued it and is responsible for all the murders Malcolm is in the English court trying to reclaim his throne Macduff is  attempting to join Malcolm in the English court


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