acids, bases and salts

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  • acids, bases and salts
    • acids
      • release h+ions in aqueous solution
      • common acids // H2SO4,  HNO3,  HCl
    • bases
      • a a base will nutrlesise a acid
      • common bases are
        • MgO, NaOH,  NH3, Mg(OH)2
    • alkali
      • a alkalies is a base that is soluble in a aqueous solution and releases OH- ions.
        • common bases are
          • KOH, NaOH, NH3
    • slalts
      • is produced when the H+ ion is replaced by a metal ionor NH4
      • 3 types of reaction
        • acids + bases
        • acid's + alkiles
        • acids + carbonates
        • acid's + metals


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