Acids and Alkalis Overveiw

Basic overveiw of Acids, Alkalis and Neutralisation reactions.

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  • Acids and Alkalis
    • The pH scale: 0 is acidic, 7 is neutral, 14 is alkaline
    • A pH indicator is a dye that changes colour according to the pH.
      • Red for Acids, Green for Neutral, Purple for Alkalis.
      • Indicator can be used to tell when neutralisation reactions are finished (it will be green)
    • Acids and Bases (Alkalis = bases that dissolve in water) neutralise each other
      • Acid + Base = Salt + Water
      • H+  +  OH-  =  H2O
        • H+ are Acidic ions
        • OH- are Alkaline ions
        • Water (H2O) is neutral


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